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Plan Your Trip to Brian Head Ski Resort

Winter is around the corner and it is time to plan your after Christmas ski trips! Where are you planning to head? Southern Utah is known for their incredible ski resorts, amazing snow, and breathtaking mountains to glide through. Brian Head Resort is the place to be this winter and here is why:

reasons to visit Brian Head ski resort

The Powder

Brian Head brings in 360 inches of fresh powder annually! Located high in the mountains, this is one of the top ski resorts to receive this much fresh snow. Bundle up and prepare to ride all day, you will love it out there.

The Mountains

The base elevation goes all the way up to 9,600 ft with the summit elevation hitting 10,970 ft. Skiing through these mountains is an experience you will never forget. Embrace nature, giant steps, and Navajo views while enjoying a day out riding!

The Runs

This resort is highly rated which means a high amount of visitors are coming in from all different types of places. Do not worry about crowds and run traffic because Brian Head offers 71 runs and 8 chair lifts which will keep your ski day moving all day long.

lodging at Brian Head ski resort

Winter cannot come soon enough! This is a ski trip that will not be forgotten. For more ski resorts around the area, discover them here. Southern Utah is known for its beautiful scenery, endless adventure, and more. Looking to settle in a wonderful place like this? Perry Homes has been building custom homes for the past 40 years. If you consider us, your new Perry Home will give you and your family the ability to mold your own lifestyle in beautiful, enjoyable surroundings. We invite you to discover why Utah is coming home to Perry Homes Southern Utah!

buying a home in the winter season

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Home in the Winter

Home shopping in the Winter can be a bit nerve-wracking due to the cold dreary weather and has buyers heads turned the other way. Waiting for Spring to come around to purchase the perfect home! Buying a home in the Winter is just as easy due to fewer buyers and less competition. Before you go all in, check out 3 mistakes to avoid if you are planning to seal the deal this winter:

buying a home in the winter time of year

Falling Into Holiday Debt

The holidays are a time where you spend a big chunk of money on gifts, parties, desserts, and more so it is crucial to sort out your finances and plan how much money you will devote to investing in a new house and how much you plan to spend on Christmas this year.

Lowballing Your Offer

Do not have high hopes for a lower deal because if you ask the seller for a lower offer it could offend them and also ruin your chances of getting that home! Assuming the Winter season has sellers desperate to hand off their home, that is in reality not the case.

Ignoring Closing Date Delays

Due to snowfall, sometimes weather conditions cause a closing date delay so it is important to be aware of these possible occurrences once you close a deal on a home. Especially if you plan on starting from scratch by building a new or custom home build.

buying a new home in winter season

Now that you are aware of 3 of the mistakes to avoid during winter home shopping, check out the full list here to be fully prepped! Are you on the hunt for a custom home builder who will create the dream home you’ve been wishing for? Learn everything about Perry Homes Southern Utah and why building with us is the right choice for you!

harvest fall decoration ideas

Harvest Decor Ideas

It’s November! This is a time to embrace all of the warm and cozy feels during the season and bring the harvest decor into your home. Check out 3 harvest decoration ideas to make your Thanksgiving the best one yet.

harvest flower decoration ideas

Arrange Fall Flowers

The best thing about harvest season is the beautiful Fall colors. Adding a bouquet of flowers to the dinner table, kitchen, or living room can create a warm and cozy feeling to the room. Flowers are always a great decoration to add in for any holiday!

harvest decoration ideas for the home

Cozy Up the Dining Room Table

Create a cozy dining room table set up by adding cushions to the chairs or throwing a couple of plaid blankets over them. Including wheat sheaves, pumpkins, or any other items that will create a harvest theme to the table.

harvest pillow decoration ideas

Switch Out Pillows

Switch out your neutral pillows for some plaid, striped, or checkered pillowcases. This is a simple way to make those Fall colors and patterns pop and gives your living room a cozy and festive mood to the room.

The creativity continues! Check out tons more ideas on how to bring this year’s harvest holiday into your home. On the search for a new home? Learn everything about Perry Homes and how our uncompromising pursuit of excellence has allowed us the rare opportunity to build for many of our customers each and every home that they have owned!

sand hollow state park Washington utah

Reasons to Visit Sand Hollow State Park

What gets better than amazing scenery, sandy beaches, outdoor adventures, and breathtaking sunsets? It is hard to beat. Southern Utah is a place to take in true beauty and to experience the scenic state parks around the area. One, in particular, that is quite a popular spot to visit is Sandy Hollow State Park. Here are three of the top things to not miss while visiting this amazing state park:

sand hollow state park beaches Utah

Sandy Beaches

Enjoy the sun on the warm orange sandy beach with fresh water to dive into. This is a great way to enjoy relaxing and is something you will never be able to experience anywhere else! Warm waters and a sandy beach? What more do you need?

sand hollow state park utah ATV trail

ATV Trails

Ride through 15,000 acres of sculpted sand dunes with your friends and get those endorphins pumping! If you love adventures, your ATV experience will be the most memorable. The gorgeous backdrop is a great addition to this Sand Hollow adventure.

sand hollow state park red rock

Scenic Red Rock

Views on views. No matter what you decide to do at Sand Hollow, the stunning red rock formations are incredible. The unique Red Navajo sandstone rocks in the lake is a sight you will never forget. Plan your trip now! You are in for a real treat.

Find out more things to do and see while visiting Sand Hollow State Park to get the full and best experience. Falling in love with Southern Utah? Many people are relocating to Utah for the good prices, outdoor scenery, and endless adventures. Perry Homes has been building quality homes for our customers over the past 40 years. If you are looking to relocate, Southern Utah could be just the place for you. Learn more about our process and how we can build the perfect home you have been waiting for.

living room decor tips and ideas

Living Room Ideas for Your Home

Need a little guidance on how to decorate your living room area? This is a space to show off your style and personality when guests enter your home. Time to get creative! Below are 3 ideas to give you the perfect living room ambiance.

living room area decor tips

Frame Your Fireplace

If you have a fireplace in the living room, take advantage of the space and frame it with built-in shelving to get the wall more attention. A fireplace can frequently be ignored due to the large living room you are working with. The frame adds more character and allows you to get creative with it.

living room ideas and options

Add an Accent Wall

Choosing a wall to add some color to is never a bad move. It is important to not get too crazy with paint. Keeping it simple and adding a touch of accent to one of the walls is the perfect way to spice things up. Energizing the room can never hurt.

living room decor creative ideas

Make an Awkward Space an Asset

If there is an awkward open space and you do not know how to work with it, add an accent piece such as a plant, floor lamp, or a nightstand. The great thing about having a extra space means you can come up up with some fun options on what to add. Stick to the theme of the room and find something that will stand out giving the room some spunk.

For more ideas on living room decor, read up on a few more of these creative options. Starting from scratch and planning to build a new home? Perry Homes builds quality custom homes for our customers and operates a debt and leverage free enterprise that allows us to pass on savings to our valued clients. Looking for a home in Utah? Check out our home designs and floor plans to start planning the build! You will not regret it.

first time home buyer key tips

Key Tips for a First Time Home Buyer

It’s time to take those next steps and buy your first home. It is normal to feel overwhelmed and a bit stressed out, take a breath and listen carefully. Below are 3 helpful tips to walk yourself through before beginning the home-buying process. This is a lot of responsibility to take on, but if you commit and set your mind to it, this can breeze you through from start to finish.

first time home buyer tips and advice

What Type of Home Fits the Lifestyle?

What do you picture when imagining your dream home? Do you enjoy a lot of privacy or somewhere quiet? It is critical to visualize the lifestyle you want before you start the buying and building process. Building a home in the middle of nowhere sounds tempting, but so does building near grocery stores, schools, or etc. it is all up to you! Choose wisely.

Do You Qualify for a Mortgage?

Before your hopes and dreams come to life, make sure you ask yourself how much debt you might have, your monthly income, your credit currently, how long you have been with your current company, and compare your debt-to-income ratio. Getting a pre-approval for a loan is the way to go. Applying for a mortgage before making any type of offer will make the process much easier.

Helping Hands Through the Process?

You definitely do not want to go through this big transition on your own. If you choose to go through a real estate agent, that will be extremely helpful. If you want to find a home on your own, talk to some friends or family beforehand to get some experienced advice from them to know what you are getting yourself into! You’ve got this.

first time home buyer tips to know

That was easy. For more advice on home buying for the first time, here is the full guide to making the process a true success. Now that you have checked these 3 steps off the list, time to find a home builder. Perry Homes has made quality homes for the past 40 years and we strive to meet our customer’s needs by going above and beyond. Discover our process to see how simple and easy we make it for our customers to get the dream home you have been waiting for.

home selling advice and tips

What to Do If Your Home Is Not Selling

Has your home been on the market for quite some time now and you are not sure why this is occurring? This might be a sign that is it time for a little bit of reevaluating. Don’t stress just yet, here are 3 things you can do to get your home sold in a quick amount of time.

how to sell your own home fast

Lower the Price

Check around your neighboorhood to see what the other homes in your area are selling for. There is a possibility the prices of homes are fluctuating and selling too well on the markets depending on the season. Lowering the price by just a tad could really increase your chances of getting a potential buyer ringing on your doorbell in no time.

Reevaluate the Indoor and Outdoor Appeal

Take a look at homes on the market right now to see what the appeal to them are. Staging your home is one of the most important parts of home selling. Does it need an upgrade anywhere inside or outside of the home? Potentially installing new flooring, blinds, or any other home improvement the house may need will become a lot more appealing for your buyers.

Offer a Special Deal

What makes your deal better than the other place your potential buyer is looking? Offer to keep some of the home furnished or offer to pay their utilities for the first month of moving in. Anything goes if you are the lender. Keep it creative and maintain a good relationship and open communication with all of your buyers.

home selling tips and hacks

Need a little more guidance on selling your home? Get buyers in the door by reading up on all the steps to successful home selling . Looking for a home now that you got yours sold? Discover our process here at Perry Homes and how we focus on building the perfect home for you and how much we value and honor customer care. Your dream home is a click away. Check us out.

top fall home decor ideas

Home Decor Ideas for Fall

October is here which means Fall decorations are a must! There are so many creative ways to spice up your home with some fun Autumn decorations. Below are 3 options to bring all the warm and cozy feels to your home.

fall season home decor ideas

A Wheat Wreath

Add a warm welcoming wheat wreath to your front door to bring in all the Autumn feels. This is a great rustic door piece to add some festivity and October loving to your home.

fall cozy home decor ideas

Cozy Plaid Blanket

Get comfy and warm by adding a draped plaid blanket over a chair or sofa. This is a great accent to the living room making it more welcoming for this festive season. Cuddle up with some scary Halloween movies or with some warm apple cider. You can never say no to comfort, warmth, or cuteness.

best fall home decor ideas for the season

Acorn String Lights

Light it up with some acorn string lights for the patio, kitchen, or living room with some acorn shaped lights to brighten up the room with some Autumn spirit. This is a really great way to bring more light to the room. Adding these as a cluster centerpiece while eating dinner is never a bad idea either.

Craving more fun decor ideas for this season? Check out 27 more creative things you can do to make your home a Fall heaven. If you are on the hunt for a new home to bring these decorations into, check out our process on how we build the best quality homes to meet all our customer’s needs and to build them their dream home.

st george utah golf course

Top Golf Courses in St. George, UT

Enjoy the sunny outdoors and hit the golf course this Spring in beautiful St. George where you can experience luxury clubhouses, peaceful spas, and fitness centers at some of the top golf courses in Southern Utah.

st george utah golf courses

Entrada Snow Canyon Golf Course

Entrada is known for it’s wide courses stretching across 7,085 yards with the sun always shining! They offer great options for golfers including a junior Membership promotions, invitational membership promotion, Academies, leagues, maintenance, and more. For more information about golfing at the Entrada, visit their golfing page.

st george utah golf resorts

Sunbrook Golf Club

This is a place to go to soak in all the great views of St. George. The red rock formations and mountains that surround you are a site to see while enjoying a nice day of golfing. There are a total of nine meanders through the course and features 27 championship holes. Sunbrook is always looking to find ways to make this a better quality, challenging, and scenic experience for all of their guests.

Southern Utah is full of Spring activities and golfing is definitely a must-try when visiting this beautiful city. If you have considered ever moving to Utah, let us show you the way by learning about our process and how we have build affordable, quality homes for our customers throughout Utah!

best home builders southern utah

Choosing the Right Utah Home Builder

On the hunt for a home builder? It is a nice feeling to start from scratch and let your creativity guide you to building a new beautiful home. Before you start the process, below are 3 important tips to help you choose a builder wisely.

home builders in utah

Look For Quality and Value

Stay consistent and go to model homes and check out the ones sponsored by home builders to know the type of quality you want. Browse online to see what new houses are being build to get an idea for what look and feel you are going for. Don’t be cheap and look for good value in this new investment you are making!

Do Your Research

Sit down with home builders in person to get all of the questions and concerns you have. It is okay to be picky and specific so you may get the outcome you are hoping for. Another great source of input are home owners to see if they are satisfied with their homes and to ask them how they turned out. Always stop by homes to get a glance of what looks nice and appealing to you.

Make a Possibilities List

Make a list to narrow down the type of home you are looking for. Read up online to see projects and photos of homes in your area. Ask friends and family for good references to make this experience more enjoyable and successful!

southern utah home builders

Let the fun begin! Stay active and organized to make the home building journey a breeze. If you are looking for quality home builders in Utah, check out our process here at Perry Homes to make you a happy homeowner.