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zion national park winter weather views

Visiting Zion National Park in Winter

The sun is hiding and the Winter chill is out to play! That doesn’t mean exploring some of the most top-rated national parks should be avoided. There is much to do and see even in the snowy seasons. Below are 3 reasons why visiting Zion National Park in the winter is a great idea:

zion national park winter weather activities

Snowshoe to Observation Point

Embrace the powdery snow and snowshoe through the beautiful mountains, trees, and red rock to get the full experience of Winter at Zion’s. It is highly recommended to snowshoe up to Zion Ponderosa‚Äôs forested plateau to see the most spectacular views in Southern Utah. If you are a snow lover, this is a must-try activity.

zion national park winter weather scenic

Scenic Drives

Experience the vibes by turning the heat on in your car and cruising through a 6.5-mile scenic drive that passes through trailheads and breathtaking park sights. The stunning views of the canyon will rock your world including rock formations, the eerie foggy air, and snowy mountains.

zion national park winter weather deer

Check Out the Wildlife

You wouldn’t believe all of the wildlife to observe while visiting Zion National Park. During this season, it is a known fact that you will witness eagles, sheep, elk, deer, and more. Even though this is a time of hibernation, a lot of larger animals will be wandering through the park!

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